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A Voluntary, Non-political, Non-partisan Organization for Everyday Canadians

Our History

1993 – Canada began celebrations of Asian Heritage Month.

May, 2001 – Motion introduced in the Senate by Senator Poy, that the month of May be recognized as Asian Heritage Month, given the important contributions of Asian Canadians and its present significance to this country.

May 21, 2002 – an official declaration is signed by Senator Poy and other Members of Parliament in Ottawa.

Nancy M. Siew and her team played a crucial role in promoting Asian Heritage Month in Ontario. Since 2003, we extol Asian values such as respect, compassion and integrity. We have worked with School Boards, Toronto Transit Commission (TTC), Queen’s Park, Universities, United Way of York Region, The Blue Jays, The Toronto Public Library, Bata Shoe Museum and many others. We invited communities in the 519, 905 and 715 telephone areas to celebrate this meaningful Federal initiative in honour of Canadians of Asian extraction.

In 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic, We had to make some changes to our program and do ….

Our Mission

To offer all Canadians an opportunity to learn more about the history of Asian Canadians and to celebrate their contributions to the growth and prosperity of Canada.

Our Vision

Diversity represents one of Canada greatest strengths, and we strive to ensure that all have the opportunity to reach their full potential and participate in Canada’s civic life.


Our Accomplishments

Began in the U.S. as Asian/Pacific American Heritage Week in 1978 and in 1990, extended to a month.

Asian Heritage Month celebrates Canada’s vibrant and growing Asian community in the arts, business, science, sport and government. Asian Heritage Month offers all Canadians an opportunity to learn more about the history of Asian Canadians and to celebrate their contributions to the growth and prosperity of Canada by providing artistic exhibitions and educational presentations about Asian culture at museums, educational institutions, community centres, and other venues that are open to the general public.

Our Committee Members


His Worship, Mayor Frank Scarpitti of the City of Markham
Mr. George MacDonnell, Hong Kong Veteran

Mr. Mobeen Khaja, Progressive Muslims Canada Association.


Citizenship Judge (Ret’d)/H. LCol. N. M. Siew, OLJ, M.S.W., Dip. I.E.P.

Hon. Co-Chairs: Dr. Jason W. K. Kwok
Mr. William C. Wong, Queen’s Scout.

Hon. Secretary: Ms. Ellen So
Hon. Treasurer: Mr. Desmond Wong, C.A., C.P.A.
Hon. Overall Coordinators:

Mr. William and Mrs. Fanny Kan

Media Liaison: Ms. Emily Law

Government Liaison:

Mr. Larry Lau
Community/School Liaison:
Ms. Ellen So
Mr. Don Ho
Mr. Raymond Hung
Veterans’ liaison: Ms. Kerri Tadeu
Programming: Mr. Peter Tuason
Web Master: Mr. Ian Payton
South Asian Cultures Advisor:
Mr. Mobeen Khaja


Ms. Joyce Geddes

Mr. Robert C. MacDonald (Photography)

20th Anniversary of Asian Heritage Month Celebrations (Click Here to Download a PDF verion)


Each event will go live on the day of the performance at 3 PM            Access the website www.asianheritagegta.com

Saturday Sunday Remarks

1st May

Celebrity Chef Frankie Yeung shares his successful WONTON soup and SWEET AND SOUR RECIPES

2nd May

*Visit to Cambodia

UNESCO World Heritage


Cantonese Opera

*UNESCO Treasure – Excerpts from previous performances of Soong Kam Wing School of Art and Music

Hon. Consul Chhour of Cambodia

Soong Kam Wing School of Art and Music


* Islam – Ramadan

by Imam Shaykh Faisal

Pres., Islamic Forum of Canada

*Asian scouts – Queen’s Scout W. Wong


*Happy stories from Malaysia Hon. Consul H. Lee


Macau (SAR) – Vibrant and            Vivacious 

By permission of Macau International Institute

Special thanks to Amigu di Macau Arts and Culture                 


China – Ancient Caves of Dunhuang 

Embassy of People’s Republic of China

Quotes from Confucius – Arrg. And read by Dr. J Kwok


Snapshots of Hong Kong (SAR) – Special thanks to Hong Kong Trade and Economic Office in Toronto


*Taiwan – Remarkable and Radiant

 With permission from Taipei Trade and Cultural Office in Toronto


St. John Ambulance Youths

  • Arranged by Ms. E. So


*India – The Taj Mahal + Quotes from Gandhi  – Downloaded from Youtube 

The Egyptian – A video downloaded from Youtube


From the eyes of a Foreigner – Visits to several Asian countries

Mr. R. C. MacDonald


Stories of Vietnam’s ‘’Boat People’’

Arranged by E. So* 

The Joyful Filipinos – Music and Dance  Arranged by Mr.  Peter Tuason

30th   Tentative

A Concert dedicated to Asian Heritage.

With the compliments of Maestro Lai, Canadian Sinfonietta 



The Executives and Members of Asian Heritage Month -GTA are most grateful for the gracious support of the Honorary Patrons, Advisors and participants for their generosity in giving their time and expertise to this year’s events.  The videos are the works of the producers and we downloaded them to share with you.

We thank Senator Oh, Members of Parliament, Members of Provincial Parliament, Mayor Scarpitti, City Councillors of Markham, Richmond Hill and Vaughan.  We appreciate their support and encouragement.

We wish to thank our Webmaster Ian Payton who has made this year’s presentations possible.  Our previous Webmaster Benjamin Lau is credited with part of the contents.  

        VIDEO   Credited to:
Celebrity Chef Frankie Yeung’s WanTon Recipes With the compliments of Chef and Mrs. Yeung
Cambodia Hon. Consul Chhour
Excerpts of Cantonese Opera Soong Kam Wing School of Art and Music

Imam Shaykh Faisal

Pres., Islamic Forum of Canada

Asian Scouts Queen’s Scout William C. Wong
Malaysia Hon. Consul Lee
Macau (SAR) Macau International Institute
China Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Canada
Quotes from Confucius Dr. J. Kwok
Hong Kong (SAR) Hong Kong Trade and Economic Office in Toronto
Taiwan Taipei Trade and Cultural Office in Toronto
St. John Ambulance Youths Ms. E. So
Vietnam’s “Boat People” Ms. E. So
Taj Mahal, Gandhi’s quotes and The Egyptian All Downloaded from Youtube
The Philippines  Mr. P. Tuason
Concert (Tentative) Maestro T. N. Lai