May 23, 2021 @ 3:00 pm

Note: The 2021 Asian Heritage Month Proceedings are online only.

The video or other content is scheduled for this date will be released at 3pm the day of the event (or earlier). watch the website for details. We are planning to do YouTube Livestreeming events, so subcribe to the channel and turn the notification bell on. 

Before watching the Main Attraction Video, Please watch O Canada as performed by Miss Katelyn Mohan and this greeting from Markham Mayor Frank Scarpitti

Ladies and Gentlemen, Girls and Boys.  Please stand and sing O Canada.  If you are wearing a baseball cap, please remove it  Thank you!.

Official Welcome from Frank Scarpitti Mayor of Markam
(Honorary Patron of Asian Heritage Month)

Greetings and Welcome from Nancy Siew
(co Chair) Asian Heritage GTA

Just Hold Your Head High (2021 AHM Theme Song)

Dedicated to our front line workers and all those who
are suffering due to curent Global Pandemic

Written and Performed by

Peter Tuason

In Case You Missed It, here is Chef Franky Yeungs video and Recipe for Wonton

Celebrity Chef Franky Yeung.

Chef Yeung has been in the restaurant business for over 40 years.  He also teaches in Community Colleges and runs a class regularly (before COVID).  His specialty is exquisite carvings to adorn the dishes.  

WONTON recipes 


Pork/chicken/beef/vegetarian  (If you do not eat meat, substitute with vegetables.)

Large shrimps 

1 egg

White pepper    salt    sugar    starch    chicken broth mix

Pastry to wrap (Available in Chinese grocery stores)

Won Ton Noodles (Wonton Mien in Cantonese)


  1. Peel shrimps.  Save the shells for the broth.  Cook broth.
  2. Take out tiny black guts from back of shrimps.
  3. Use only egg white.

Cooking procedure:  See demonstrations.  

For Wonton:

  1.  Cut shrimps into small pcs and mix with meat.
  2. Add salt, sugar etc. according to taste.
  3. Wrap shrimp paste in small wonton pastry.
  4. Cook in soup.  They float up when done.
  5. Cook noodles in water briefly.  Flush with cold water. Cook quickly again in clean water.

For Sweet and Sour wonton:  (Gum Lo Won Ton in Cantonese)

  1.  Wrap small amount of ingredient in big pastry wrappers
  2. Prepare the sauce: pineapple, onions, green/red peppers.  Add sugar, vinegar accdg. To taste
  3. Deep-fry wonton.  Expands quickly but be sure that meat is cooked.  When oil bubbles = ready.